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Bakers Weight Control Adult Dry Dog Food - Chicken

Bakers Weight Control Adult Dry Dog Food - Chicken

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Bakers Complete Weight Control is a reduced calorie dog food designed to help tackle weight gain and obesity in your dog. When you put your dog on a diet, you need to make sure they're still getting all of the nutrition they need to live a healthy life. This complete dog food contains 20% less fat than standard adult varieties, and is fortified with extra vitamins and minerals to help support your pet during their weight loss regime.

Being overweight can put a strain on their bones, so this recipe contains added vitamin D to help strengthen the skeleton. High-quality protein is used to encourage the growth of lean muscle and boost your pet's metabolism. Wholegrain carbohydrates encourage digestive health and keep your pet feeling fuller for longer. If you're concerned that your dog is overweight, make an appointment with their vet. They'll be able to recommend a new diet plan - which might include a food like Bakers Complete Weight Control - as well as offering advice on exercise.

  • 20% less fat than standard Bakers Complete adult dog food
  • Quality protein encourages lean muscle growth and can boost metabolism
  • Added vitamin D helps to strengthen teeth and support bones
  • Contains iron, essential for blood health
  • Wholegrains help to aid digestion and keep your pet feeling fuller for longer

12.5kg - Chicken