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Drinkwell Petsafe Platinum Fountain For Cat And Dog

Drinkwell Petsafe Platinum Fountain For Cat And Dog

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The Petsafe Drinkwell Platinum Pet Water Fountain features the same patented free-falling stream of water as the Original Drinkwell Fountain. Moving water entices pets to drink more, keeping them happy, healthy and hydrated.

The Platinum Water Fountain features: a new, snap-on lid to prevent accidental removal; a pre-filter to catch large particles before they reach the motor; and a new submersible pump for almost silent operation.

Fountain features a patented free-falling water stream, which entices pets to drink more water. A spout and receiving ramp reduce the splash of falling water, and a pre-filter catches hair and other large particles before they reach the motor. Rubber feet on the bottom of the fountain prevent sliding. Low-voltage 12V system. For indoor use only.

  • Free falling stream, just like out of a tap
  • Adjustable water flow
  • With charcoal filter for fresh, clean water
  • Extra, integrated pre-filter
  • Ramp reduces noise and splash of water
  • Virtually noiseless thanks to the high quality pump
  • Integrated reservoir

Platinum Fountain