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Ziwipeak Daily Dog Air Dried Cuisine Tripe & Lamb Dry Dog Food

Ziwipeak Daily Dog Air Dried Cuisine Tripe & Lamb Dry Dog Food

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ZiwiPeak Tripe & Lamb is perfect for dogs of all breeds and life stages, especially those with food sensitivities and selective palates. A single protein food uniquely formulated with over 35% nourishing and highly palatable green tripe, a natural source of vitamins, minerals and probiotics. Full of goodness and loaded with nutrition, your dog is guaranteed to love each and every bite.

Air-dried scoop & serve

Gently air-dried and handcrafted to lock in nature’s goodness.

Meat, organs & nz green mussels

Featuring 96% grass-fed lamb, organs, bone and New Zealand Green Mussels, designed to match your dog’s biological needs for a diet rich in meat.

Free-range grass fed farming

Grass-fed lamb, ethically raised on a diet of lush grass and sweet clover.

No antibiotics or growth promotants

Raised without added hormones, antibiotics or growth promotants.

No grains sugars or glycerins added

No glycerins, grains or high glycemic ingredients such as potato or tapioca starch.

  • Gently air-dried to retain bio-available nutrients
  • Convenient scoop and serve with scoop included
  • 96% New Zealand lamb, organs, bone, and New Zealand Green Mussel
  • 35% cold-washed green lamb tripe for added natural palatability and digestability
  • 100% New Zealand sourced free-range, grass-fed lamb
  • 3% New Zealand Green Mussel - high in omega 3 & 6 fatty acids and glucosamine and chondroitin
  • 95% digestible - less backyard waste
  • Free from added sugars, grains, glycerin, artificial preservatives, colours, or flavours
  • Handcrafted in New Zealand in our ziwi-owned and operated facilities

1kg - Tripe & Lamb