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Baskerville Ultra Muzzle

Baskerville Ultra Muzzle

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The Baskerville Ultra Muzzle provides a dog owner with peace of mind and reassurance in all situations. Today, dog owners use muzzles for as variety of reasons and the Ultra Muzzle ensures your dog is comfortable at all times even when the wearing the muzzle for an extended period such as on daily walks. The Ultra Muzzle is safe and secure in a wide variety of situations including visits to the vet or groomer, travelling on public transport, to prevent wildlife scavenging and when socialising reactive or aggressive dogs.

Helps Training: Ideal for socialising and retraining reactive dogs as reward treats can be given with the muzzle on.

Kind: Dog can pant, drink & receive treats freely.

Safe: Resilient TPR muzzle with collar loop, removable head strap and lockable neck clip.

Dog Comfort: Tailored "heat shaping" fit ensures your dog is comfortable at all times.

Very lightweight: The latest design of Ultra Muzzle has no metal work on the dog's head.

Extra security to manage aggression with optimal comfort and freedom for the dog.

  • Superior Design: Malleable rubber design allows reshaping for a perfect fit
  • Extra Security: Optional overhead security strap
  • Maximum Protection: Made from extremely tough and durable TPR
  • Additional Safety: Collar attachment loop for extra security
  • Dog Friendly: Unique design allows dog to eat, drink and pant freely

Size 3 - Black, Size 4 - Black, Size 1 - Black, Size 5 - Black, Size 2 - Black