Flea Tick and Worms Summer 2019


Flea Tick and Worms Summer 2019




Fleas can affect your pet all year round. However, they are most prominent during the summer months, as they thrive in the warmth. Purchase your flea treatments early to prevent fleas from attaching to your pet and infesting your home.

Did you know...

- Female fleas can lay up to 50 eggs per day.

- Flea eggs can survive in your home when they fall off of your pet.

- Flea pupae can remain dormant in the home for up to a year, before hatching with certain triggers such as warmth and vibration.

As well as causing your pet discomfort, fleas can carry tapeworm eggs too! Worms can be a serious health issue for your pet and it is therefore important to get into the habit of worming them alongside their flea

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