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Because business should be personal

Our team

When we say we’re pet people and proud, we mean it in the most literal sense. Our team is a group of real-life pet parents, with cats and dogs that we consider family. It’s for this reason that we care so much, we’re genuinely passionate about providing the right products, suggesting the best care and recommending great services, because we’ve been there, and have the pet hair-covered T-shirts to prove it.

Beyond the bowl

Buy food. Give food.

Pets bring immeasurable amounts of joy to our lives, but not every animal experiences the love and warmth of a family. Our commitment to supporting all cats and dogs is unwavering, and so each time you buy food from us, we’ll feed a cat or dog that’s not nearly as loved or as lucky as yours. Last year we donated over 100,000 bowls of food to animals who needed them, and our hope is that we'll be able to help even more cats and dogs in the coming year.