Switching to natural foods and sustainable products


Switching to natural foods and sustainable products

Whether it’s picking products that come in recycled packaging, choosing pet food with sustainably-sourced ingredients, or switching your pet to a natural diet, there are small but conscious steps we can all take to respect the world around us.


Start small

One thing that can be switched easily but could make a big impact on our planet and our pets – food! The benefits of selecting natural pet foods are far and wide, starting with the most basic component when it comes to meals – the quality of the ingredients. Most natural pet foods will contain whole ingredients, from meat and fruit to vegetables and plant extracts, and these ingredients contain essential vitamins, minerals and fibre. Knowing that these will generally be of higher quality in natural recipes than in standard pet foods make them a standout option. It’s also worth noting that natural foods will typically contain less nutritionally-void additions, such as unnecessary sugar and bulking fillers, and will have less artificial components, a benefit for both the world and waggy tails.


What's on the inside counts

Taking a closer look at these whole ingredients can help weigh up whether a switch to natural foods is worth the investment for your pet. Focusing on meat in particular, it’s good to be aware that animal-based protein is a reliable option for your furry, containing all the amino acids that your pet needs for healthy muscles and tissue. Natural foods will typically contain these good quality proteins, such as chicken, lamb, turkey or salmon, and so will not only be tasty and nutritious, but also generally be more digestible for your pet. This in turn can benefit you and your pet by encouraging them to finish their meals, and for fussy eaters, start looking forward to meal times. Less wasted food and empty bowls make all the difference.


What's on the outside also counts

Another way we can take a more conscious approach with our pet consumerism is investing in products that are responsibly packaged and so have a lesser impact on the planet. This can be as straightforward as buying foods that are stored in recycled, recyclable and biodegradable packaging, which when we think of all our pets' meals, leads to a whole lot of saved waste. Another quick win is choosing meals that contain sustainably-sourced seafood or local ingredients. Every individual’s small steps become collective leaps, so every effort counts.


Be a scooper hero

An essential part of kit for any dog owners is poop bags, and while these are hardly conversation-worthy, highlighting the benefits of biodegradable and eco-friendly options really is worth pointing out. We use them every single day, and so opting for ones that will break down quicker or can be composted is a small tweak that can lead to great change. Even better, scoopers that can be washed and reused are the (environmentally-friendly) future when it comes to clearing up after your furry companion.


The big picture

Every small gesture and mini adjustment contributes to caring for our environment and sustaining our future planet, and so while not every one of these switches may be suitable for your pet, just changing one thing can make all the difference. We’re in this together, furries and humans united in keeping our world healthy.

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