Tackle fleas this winter


Tackle fleas this winter

As we settle into the colder months and dark days, you might forget the importance of using flea treatments to prevent your pet from picking up parasites. The reality is that fleas are still an issue, even in the winter. Here we’ll run through why you should be vigilant and continue with treatment.


Modern homes and central heating

Contrary to popular belief, fleas do survive during the winter months, especially indoors. Our warm houses provide the perfect breeding ground for fleas (since they thrive in warm and humid environments), meaning that when we turn up the central heating, we’re welcoming these pesky parasites in. This is why pet owners must take steps to rid their pets (and their homes) of parasites, with the most effective way being continuous year-round treatment.


Protecting your pet

Treating your pet is part one of the solution as you will have to treat your home too (more on that below). But back to treatments, there are many great options available, like spot-on solutions, flea shampoos, collars or tablets. Spot-on treatments are one of the most popular options (we like Frontline Plus), mainly because they’re convenient and easy to use. All you need to do is part your pet’s coat between the shoulder blades and apply the liquid on the skin, repeating the dose every month. Any fleas on your pet are killed within 24 hours and flea eggs and larvae are stopped from developing.


Protecting your home

So, part two of our plan is ensuring fleas are also removed from your home. Hoovering the carpets and furniture regularly will pick up eggs, this is especially important if your pets are allowed to sleep or climb on places like your sofa or bed. Bedding, blankets and soft toys should be frequently washed in the washing machine (eggs, larvae and adults will not survive this) and pets brushed often, too.

In light infestation-type situations, a house hold flea spray can also be used. These contain a low concentration of insecticide and are safe to use in the home, clearing it from fleas for up to 12 months (remember you must adhere to the direction as to its use, especially in relation to application rates). However, if you treat your pets correctly, you are less likely to need to spray the house because once fleas come into contact with your treated cat or dog, they will die out.


Remembering every dose

Sometimes the reality of everyday life can get in the way of remembering to treat our pets – this is where recurring deliveries come in handy. To do this when you shop at MedicAnimal, simply add your product to your cart, and select ‘Repeat Order’, indicating how often you would like us to ship your product. Plus, there’s total flexibility when it comes to amending or cancelling your order.

Another option for busy pet parents is an injectable flea control product. These contain an insect growth regulator which prevents fleas from being able to lay viable eggs on your pet and around your home for a full six months. However, this product must be administered by a veterinary surgeon.


Torn between treatments?

We have a lovely team of Animal Health Advisors, on hand to advise a suitable treatment for your pet. Feel free to call us on 020 8089 9670 from Monday to Friday – we’re here to answer your questions.

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