The joys of adopting a rescue pet


The joys of adopting a rescue pet

We love pets in every shape, size and guise, from their unconditional love and loyal companionship to their furry paws and playful personality. Every cat and every dog deserves a loving owner and a safe, comfortable home, particularly those that need a second chance. Here are just some of the reasons you should consider adopting a pet.


Every pet deserves a happy life

The most obvious, and one of the most noble, reasons to adopt a pet is that you’re essentially saving their life. Due to unsuitable environments, incompatible homing and overpopulation, a number of cats and dogs are abandoned or given to shelters every single day. Rehoming a pet will give them a bright future and a safe, comfortable life that they otherwise may never have known or know again.


Best friends forever

Not every story will be plain sailing, and some adopted pets may need more TLC and patience than others, but the incomparable love and affection that you will get from your adopted animal is beyond comparison. From allowing them to trust again to just giving them the belly rubs they deserve, the gratitude and loyalty that comes from adopted pets is unmatched.


Furry funds

A factor not be overlooked is the cost of buying pets, and how adopting an animal can be far more economical. The fee is not only much lower but will usually include the relevant vaccinations and treatments that are essential to keeping your pet safe and healthy. That means more money to spend on pet treats!


As good as yoga

To put it simply, adopting an animal is good for the soul. From bonding with a pet that may not have known a happy life before, to the proven calming influence that animals have on their owners. The stress-boosting benefits are endless, from the endorphins you’ll get from walking a dog each day to the uplifting moments that playing with a curious cat are guaranteed to bring.


Preparation is everything

Adopting a pet is something we will always encourage, for the reasons above and beyond, but it’s worth noting that some of these animals may have had traumatic lives and so being prepared to put in some work is the best way to approach the experience. Knowing that a heart-warming relationship and a lifelong bond will be the reward for some patience is a great motivator and will really make it worth the effort. Below are some tips on making the transition as seamless as possible and helping your furry friend feel right at home.

  • Stock up on the essentials

Knowing what essential kit you will need to care for your pet is important, from main meals and training treats to grooming products and a bed they can settle into each night. Make a list and plan your purchases before your new best friend moves in.

  • Establish a routine

Everything will feel new and a little scary to begin with, for you and your pet. Having a routine will help establish structure and encourage your furry to trust you . Settling in will take time but this structure will really assist in keeping things stress-free while any initial issues are resolved.

  • Give them space

Your new pet will be so grateful to have a forever home, but all of this change may be overwhelming. Giving them some breathing space and respecting their (expected) trepidation is the best way to let them settle in naturally.

  • Training is an option

Some pets may move in with perfect manners, but some might need some help. Being conscious of this and knowing that training may be needed is a good thing, and following this up with action will be a worthy solution. Training will not only make your pet a standout house guest but will also encourage bonding and good future behaviour.

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