The perks of grain-free food


The perks of grain-free food

Ensuring you make the right choice for your pet can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to their diet and what goes into it. Grain-free food has numerous advantages, from providing nutritional benefits and assisting in weight management, to relieving animals with certain skin issues. Here, we outline the pros of a grain-free approach.


The nutritional bit

Every pet owner knows the importance of good nutrition, laying the foundations for a happy and healthy companion, and grain-free food can be a great choice when creating a balanced diet. For starters, grain-free options will typically have less filler and modified cornstarch, a bulking ingredient which is usually carb-heavy and offers minimal nutritional benefits. In addition to this, grain-free foods often boast key fatty acids, such as omega 3, in their ingredient lists, a sure-fire way to promote a glossy, lustrous coat. If you need more convincing, a perk in providing quality and complete nutrition with grain-free diets is that it will help maintain good dental health, resulting in much more bearable breath, which is ideal for our fur friends that like getting up (very) close and personal.


Weighty issue

As grains are mostly formed of carbohydrates, switching to grain-free can be a healthy alternative that allows you to monitor your pet’s weight more closely. Grain-free food in general will be packed with more meat and vegetables, relying on healthier carbohydrates, such as sweet potatoes, to ensure your pet is as energetic and thriving as ever.


Skin issues an issue?

Each animal is unique and will react differently to certain foods and common ingredients. While it may not be as straightforward as simply changing their diet, it can sometimes be the case of removing or reducing a certain ingredient, which is where grain-free food comes in. Eliminating rice, soy, corn, and wheat, as well as feeding them foods that contain higher quality proteins can reduce their risk of redness and itching. Grain-free food is generally more reliant on ingredients that are highly digestible sources of carbohydrate and plant protein, such as peas. Remember that it’s always best to seek advice from your vet if your pet is suffering from an ongoing skin condition, allergic reaction or is showing the effects of an intolerance.


No digestion dilemmas here

Checking that your pet food contains the right nutrients will assist in aiding their digestive functions, enhancing their comfort and everyday wellbeing. Beneficial nutrients such as dietary fibre and antioxidising vitamins can be found in grain-free food, encouraging essential functions in your furry friend, from healing and strengthening bones to maintaining muscle condition.


To wrap it up

Our pets are our family, and so giving them the best possible life we can is ensuring we cater to their needs, nurturing and nourishing them as we go. Remember that if your pet is happy and healthy with their current diet, then there’s no need to restrict them or adopt a purely grain-free diet. Integrating new food should be done gradually, introducing new recipes to your pet patiently so they adjust naturally and don’t suffer any unnecessary stress. Discover our selection of grain-free foods now to find something that will best suit your pet and their needs.

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