Walking your dog safely at night


Walking your dog safely at night

It's that time of year when trees shed their leaves, temperatures drop and days get shorter. But as we say goodbye to sunny barbecue days, we can look forward to all things autumn, like cosy jumpers, lazy Sundays and hot chocolate.

Walking our dogs when it's gloomy outside? Not so much! But we know how much those walkies mean to them. So here are our tips to make autumn strolls with your dog more enjoyable:


1. Safety first

Walking your dog when the night draws in can be risky if you're not well prepared. Visibility decreases, so we need to be extra careful when passing through traffic and busy streets. But once you're all set, night walks can be very pleasant. It's peaceful outside, which gives you the room and head space to enjoy some alone time with your dog.


2. A leading light

Reflective gear can be a real saviour on nighttime walks. It will help others see you, whether that's fellow dog walkers, cyclists or cars. And the options are multiple: from clip-on flashing lights to LED dog collars. These accessories can cast a glow up to 300-500 metres and will keep you and your furry pal visible in low-light conditions.


3. Wrap up warm

Dog coats are perfect for this time of year. They protect your friend from the rain, wind and cold and use thermal materials for a snuggly feel. Some coats are even light-reflective. And while all dogs can feel chilly in low temperatures, keep in mind that smaller dogs and short-hair breeds are more susceptible.


4. Lead the way

This may sound obvious, but staying in well-illuminated areas is always best. And remember to use a lead − if your dog takes off, you'll be more likely to lose them when it's dark. Retractable leads are great as they give your dog freedom of movement while keeping you in complete control. So at times when your pet gets excited and pulls, you can easily reel them in to keep them safe.

This autumn, don't let the weather put you off your daily walks. All you need is a little sense of adventure − something our canine friends have plenty of.

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