Why you should microchip your pet


Why you should microchip your pet

Apart from being a legal requirement in some countries, including the UK, getting your pet microchipped should be a top priority when you’re a pet owner. Here’s a quick reminder of the reasons why:

    • When they’re microchipped, it’s much more likely that you’ll be reunited with your best friend should they become lost or stolen. When your pet’s found, any vet can scan the chip and find your contact details on a registered database.

    • Microchipping is safe and won’t harm your pet. The chip is about the size of a grain of rice and the insertion is no more painful than a simple injection.

    • For cats, microchipping provides a safer method of identification than collars, which can become caught on objects such as fences and branches, risking injury.

  • The current fine in the UK for keeping a non-microchipped dog is £500, but getting your pet microchipped is relatively inexpensive and some centres offer the service for free.

Always remember to update your details if and when they change (an out-of-date chip isn’t a whole lot of use!) and make sure your pet is microchipped even if they live indoors.

We hope that you never go through the distress of being parted from your pet, but should the worst happen, an up-to-date chip could just mean a happy ending!

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