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Petlife Vetbed Oval

Petlife Vetbed Oval

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The original Vetbed® is authentic, veterinary animal bedding for dogs and cats. It was first sold over 15 years ago to professionals such as the veterinary trade, kennels and catteries. Vetbed® is machine washable and quick drying with benefits for both young and old animals. It allows excellent heat retention and unique drainage properties enabling it to remain dry even after 'little accidents'.

Vetbed® can be taken anywhere and is particularly good at aiding travel sick animals, as it helps them to settle in a strange environment whilst keeping them warm and secure. Independent tests have proved that in spite of its luxurious fell Vetbed® has tremendous strength and durability. Non-Slip backing, ideal for use in cars, pet baskets, polished flooring and tiles. Vetbed® has now become widespread in domestic use and is the favourite choice for dog and cat owners in the UK and abroad.

Vetbed®’s higher bulk, greater resilience, unique drainage properties and superb heat retention makes it distinct and a great choice of bed for your dog or cat.