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Trixie Plush Cat Radiator Bed

Trixie Plush Cat Radiator Bed

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Indulge your cat with this plush Trixie radiator bed, perfect for cats who love warm, snuggly spaces to curl up and snooze in.

  • Attaches to radiators of seven to ten centimetres in depth
  • Available in three different sizes and colours
  • keeps cats off the floor for added hygiene
  • Secure, stable metal frame with plush cover
  • Plush, removable cover machine washable at 30° centigrade


  • Dimensions: 45 × 24 × 31cm
  • How it works

    Cats are famous for loving warm, cosy spaces, often in elevated positions. This white radiator bed provides cats with a simple, friendly space with a plush, fleecy blanket for them to snuggle into. The bed is supported by an easy-to-assemble metal frame which adjusts to fit radiators from seven to ten centimetres in depth, and will hang at a comfortable height for most cats to jump up and down to at leisure.

    This bed is suitable for one cat, so make sure each of your pets has a separate bed to help prevent territorial behaviour when it's time for their catnaps.

    When to use it

    Over-radiator beds are great little dens for cats all-year round, but they particularly love them during the winter, when the frosty nights roll in early and they need cosy spaces to keep their bodies warm as they snooze. Even in summer, cats love the security of a raised place for their naps, so just pop it somewhere they won't be disturbed as they sleep and let them indulge. .

    Whether it's a present for your pet, or just to stop them leaving hairs on your favourite armchair, the snuggly Trixie Radiator bed is ideal for cat owners. Just remove the zip-fastened cover for occasional machine washing at 30° centigrade