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Feliway Refill Diffuser (30 Days)

Feliway Refill Diffuser (30 Days)

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Millions of cat owners around the world have noticed a difference in their cat after using Feliway. Whether it's spending more time with the family or helping to stop unwanted behaviours Feliway® can really make a real difference in cat loving homes. For many cat owners using Feliway every month helps maintain their happy homes. Feliway can help your cat adjust better to modern living by creating a supportive environment to help deal with unwanted feline behaviour. Feliway is a synthetic copy of the `feline facial pheromone' or `happy marker' that cats leave behind when they rub their face on people, furniture, doorways and other objects in the home. It is a sign they feel comfortable and safe in their home environment. When used in the cat's home environment, Feliway provides the same comforting effect as natural pheromones do when deposited by cats themselves. Feliway is a non-sedative, non-systemic and so can be used safely alongside other types of medications. 

Cats are at their most loving and content when they feel in control of their environment. Anything that interrupts this can unsettle them, such as moving, redecorating or bringing home a new baby or pet. Over time this can increase your cat's stress level, which can be expressed in various ways:

  • Scratching or urine spraying in the home
  • Less interaction with you / hiding away
  • Anxiety when travelling
  • Loss of appetite
  • Over-grooming