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Adaptil Calm Dog Collar in Black

Adaptil Calm Dog Collar in Black

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Adaptil can help your dog to adjust better to modern living by creating a supportive environment to help prevent behaviour problems, caused by every day stressful events. Adaptil is a synthetic copy of the dog appeasing pheromone naturally released by a mother dog to comfort and reassure her new puppies. Adaptil is non-sedative, non-systemic and as such can be used alongside other types of medications. Adaptil has been scientifically proven to have the same reassuring effect on puppies and adult dogs. It is particularly useful for new or challenging situations.

Simple things can upset your puppy or dog - new people, car rides, being left alone, fireworks or even a baby being brought into the home. The visible behaviours that you notice can be a result of your dog trying to cope.

  • Drooling and licking of lips
  • Excessive barking and whimpering
  • Soiling in the home
  • Panting & pacing
  • Trying to escape
  • Seeking out owner
  • Destroying household items

Medium/Large, Small/Medium Puppy