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Seraquin Joint Supplement for Dog

Seraquin Joint Supplement for Dog

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Seraquin for Dogs helps your pet’s joints keep working properly, meaning they can run, jump and play without pain.

  • Helps your dog keep moving comfortably
  • Able to be used with any other medicine your vet’s given you
  • Should start seeing results in only four to six weeks
  • 98% of dogs find it delicious, so no problems at dinnertime!
  • Give it to your pet mashed up into their food for picky eaters
  • Your dog can use seraquin for life

If your dog’s having problems with their joints, it can make them miserable. Luckily, it’s fairly easy for you to tell if something's wrong. You might notice them not moving as much as usual. They might limp or hold their poorly limb at an awkward angle. They might also start to struggle with things like getting up the stairs or in the car. If you notice your pet’s behaviour changing in this way, it’s important to see your vet. They’ll be able to give them a full check-over and can help them to enjoy walkies again in no time!

You can give Seraquin to your dog on its own or mashed up with their food. This yummy supplement helps to stop joint pain and keeps them enjoying walkies and playtime. Special sugars in the recipe help to repair damaged joints and ligaments. Giving them a little extra of these vital nutrients can speed up the recovery process – they’ll be back to their bouncy self in no time at all! The recipe also features a special antioxidant which can fight the compounds which make your dog’s bones break down faster, protecting your pup for life. Once your dog's joints are back to normal, get them running around with a Trixie Ball to keep their health in top condition.


60 x 2g