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Specific Allergy Management Adult Dry Dog Food

Specific Allergy Management Adult Dry Dog Food

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Specific™ Food Allergen Management dry food contains a limited number of carefully selected ingredients that have a lower risk of triggering your dog's food allergy and is ideal for elimination trials. It is also designed to help prevent the formation of urate crystal stones – a painful condition of the bladder that can occur in some dogs. For adult dogs suffering from food allergies.

  • It is based on ingredients less likely to trigger a reaction, egg and rice (a new protein source for most dogs)
  • It has as a limited number of ingredients – to reduce the risk of an allergic reaction
  • Made with high quality ingredients, your dog will find it easy to digest
  • Ideal for "elimination trials" to help find out what your dog is allergic to
  • With low purine content; reduced protein level and causing alkaline urine this product can help reduce urate crystal formation
  • Contains no added artificial colours or flavourings