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Specific Allergy Management Plus Adult Dry Dog Food

Specific Allergy Management Plus Adult Dry Dog Food

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Specific™ Allergen Management Plus is ideal for dogs with multiple allergies both food related and environmental. To reduce the risk of triggering food allergies it has a limited number of carefully selected ingredients and hydrolysed proteins. High levels of Omega-3 fish oils and other skin supporting nutrients improve skin condition increasing protection from external allergens whilst Omega-6 supports the natural anti-inflammatory process.

  • High level of Omega-3 combined with enhanced levels of vitamin A, E and B complex
  • Zinc and selenium and Omega-6 from borage oil – for a healthy coat and skin
  • Hydrolysed salmon protein and rice – ingredients less likely to trigger food reactions
  • With highly digestible ingredients this diet is also suitable for dogs with digestive problems
  • Contains no added artificial colours or flavourings