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Virbac Anxitane Chewable Tablets for Small Dog & Cat

Virbac Anxitane Chewable Tablets for Small Dog & Cat

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Anxitane tablets are a natural alternative for managing anxiety in dogs and cats.

How it works

Anxitane contains L-Thainine, a natural amino acid that is found within green tea leaves. It comes in a fish flavoured chewable tablet that can either be administered straight to your pet or mixed into their food. The natural ingredients help to soothe your pet by having a positive effect on their brain receptors.

Key Benefits

  • calming effect without drowsiness
  • natural ingredients
  • tasty fish flavour helps to give tablet as a treat
  • suitable for cats and dogs
  • Small - cats and small dogs weighing less that 10kg
  • Medium/Large - dogs weighing more than 10kg.

Anxitane tablets are used to help relax pets that show nervousness, anxiety or environmental stress. This can happen when moving house, being left alone during the day and meeting new people. Pets may also demonstrate anxiety to loud noises such as fireworks and thunderstorms.

When to use it

If you are aware of a stressful event, Anxitane should be given 2 weeks before to help ease your pet. The tablets can also be used once signs of stress have been identified.

In dogs, this can be panting, excessive dribbling, baring teeth, tail tucking, excessive licking and excessive barking. In cats, cowering or trembling, a tendency to run and hide, hostile behaviour, defecating outside the litterbox and dribbling can suggest stress.

Anxitane Small is suitable for cats and dogs that weigh less than 10kg.

Anxitane Medium/Large is suitable for dogs that weigh more than 10kg.


30 Tablets