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Trixie Berto Cat Litter Tray in Blue & Black

Trixie Berto Cat Litter Tray in Blue & Black

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Practical and hygienic, the Berto Cat Litter Tray from Trixie offers a simple process to keep your cat’s litter tray fresh and clean.

  • Clean and practical litter tray
  • Economically friendly as reduces litter waste
  • Simple sieve system to filter out clumps of litter
  • Easy click fastening
  • Small rim to prevent litter being flicked out of the tray

How it works

The box is divided into 3 parts. When you want to remove soiled litter, unclip the top layer and sieve the contents through the middle layer (with 6mm openings) into the bottom tray. The clean litter will fall through and you will be left with the soiled litter which you can dispose of easily. Clip the tray back together and it is ready to be used again.

  • Dimensions: 59 (l) x 39 (w) x 22 (h) cm

1 Tray (blue/black)