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Petface Dog Poop Bag Refills

Petface Dog Poop Bag Refills

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Petface poop bags are an easy way to help you clean up after your dog when you are out and about. Dog mess can be hazardous and is unpleasant to others. These handy refills fit the Petface Poop Bag Dispenser and will help you to clear up after your dog quickly and easily.

How to Fill Dispenser:

With the dispensing opening facing you and the snap clip pointed uppermost, unscrew the right-hand end of the Poop Bag Dispenser bone. If applicable, remove the used core from the spindle and insert the new poop bag roll. Rotate the roll until the loose edge of the first bag is visible through the dispensing opening and then gently tease the first bag through. Re-fit the cover.


60 Pieces