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Trixie Wild Cat Scratching Board in Orange

Trixie Wild Cat Scratching Board in Orange

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The Trixie Wild Cat Scratching Board offers your cat a place to sharpen their claws. It includes a packet of catnip to sprinkle on top to encourage your cat to use it and move away from the furniture. The shape of the cardboard scratcher means it is also great for your cat to rest on. Once the cardboard has been shredded it can be disposed of and recycled.

  • Cardboard scratch mat
  • Shaped to be suitable for your cat to sleep on
  • Includes a pack of catnip
  • Distracts your cat from scratching furniture
  • Dimensions: 41 (l) x 24 (w) x 7 (h) cm

41cm x 7cm x 24cm