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Vets Kitchen Adult Light Chicken & Brown Rice Dry Dog Food

Vets Kitchen Adult Light Chicken & Brown Rice Dry Dog Food

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Vet's Kitchen Light diet for adult dogs is a complete dry food with 20% less fat than our adult diets. With reduced calories, higher fibre levels to satisfy hunger and L-carnitine to promote fat breakdown this light diet can help dogs lose weight and maintain their ideal weight. Additional natural ingredients include supplements to maintain healthy joints and prebiotics to support a healthy digestive system. Having our own on-site first opinion veterinary practice we see hundreds of pets everyday. Our vets and nurses understand their health needs better than anyone so we take this knowledge and vet know-how and add it into every bag of Vet's Kitchen food.

  • 29% British chicken - High quality chicken for easily digestible protein
  • Hypoallergenic - Formulated without the common allergens to dogs; beef, wheat, soya and dairy
  • Low fat - 20% less fat than our vet's kitchen adult products
  • L-carnitine and fibre - L-carnitine promotes fat breakdown whilst increased fibre levels help to reduce hunger
  • Glucosamine, chondroitin and msn - These are the building blocks for cartilage and joint fluid, supplementing these can all aid joint health

3kg - Chicken & Brown Rice, 7.5kg - Chicken & Brown Rice