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Thrive Complete Cat Food Kitten Chicken Breast

Thrive Complete Cat Food Kitten Chicken Breast

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A complete food made with best quality Chicken Breast, cooked in Chicken stock. 0% Nonsense® means that it's made with real Chicken Breast. We don't use grain, gluten or meat 'derivatives'.

Thrive Complete Kitten Chicken Breast is cooked in a chicken broth with added vitamins and minerals to give your kitten a complete nutritionally balanced meal. This means that our food provides everything your kitten needs and can be fed on its own or mixed with dry food, depending on your kitten's preference.

Cats are strict carnivores and have no dietary need for carbohydrates such as grains (e.g rice or wheat). Therefore, our kitten wet food is protein-focused and grain-free, with only 0.2% carbohydrate content.

Good hydration is vital to a healthy kitten, so this food is formulated with 'free liquid' water for optimum hydration, instead of artificial gelling agents.


75g - Chicken