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Ziwipeak Daily Cat Cuisine Chicken Dry Cat Food

Ziwipeak Daily Cat Cuisine Chicken Dry Cat Food

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Different from other pet (and human!) foods that use factory farmed, free-run or cage-free chicken, our chicken is raised with even more room to explore ─ free-range and ethically raised with 24-hour access to forage New Zealand’s lush pastures.

Ziwi Peak Free-Range Chicken is a delicious recipe that both you and your cat can feel good about.

Air-Dried Scoop & Serve:

Gently air-dried and handcrafted to lock in nature’s goodness.

Meat, Organs & Nz Green Mussels:

With 96% chicken, organs, bone and New Zealand Green Mussels to match a cat’s biological needs for a diet rich in meat.

Free-Range Grass Fed Farming:

Free-range chicken, ethically and happily raised on New Zealand’s lush pastures.

No Antibiotics or Growth Promotants:

Raised without added hormones, antibiotics or growth promotants.


400g - Chicken