It starts with good grains

Why choose Canine Choice Premium

- Protein from freshly prepared and dried meat

-Rice, rich in fibre and other essential vitamins

-Plenty of prebiotics, for gut health and digestion

-Good fatty acids, for great skin and a glossy coat

-Made in britain

-Made in a carbon neutral factory

It starts with the best meat

Why choose Canine Choice Super Premium

- Packed with proper meat that dogs love

-No grains, no soya, no beef or preservatives

-Omega 3 and 6 for skin, bone and joint health

-Hypoallergenic and free of artificial colours

  • No nasties

    You’ll never find any artificial flavours or colours in our natural dog food recipes, just naturally good ingredients that taste great.

  • Hypoallergenic

    Every nutritious dog food recipe we make is hypoallergenic, eliminating common allergens like beef, soya and dairy.

  • No hidden extras

    We are transparent about what goes into each high protein dog food recipe, and upfront down to the last ingredient.

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It started with a frustrated Vet

A vet on a quest

Andrew Bucher, the vet behind Canine Choice, set out to create a complete food that would deliver. Dissatisfied with what was on the market, he used his specialist knowledge to create a recipe that was meat-rich, hypoallergenic and highly digestible. He wanted more, more than an exceptional taste, he wanted quality nutrition, a conscious cooking process and a carbon neutral factory, and for it all to be produced right here, in Britain. All of these things make Canine Choice the best choice.