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Adaptil Junior Collar

Adaptil Junior Collar

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A comforting collar especially for new puppies.

  • The adaptil junior provides continuous pheromone support both inside and outside the home
  • Adaptil is the no.1 solution to help puppies adjust to challenging situations and reduce stress related inappropriate behaviours

The safe and effective, non-drug solution to comfort puppies. This product also reduces the signs of stress.

  • The pheromone is released by the puppy's body heat, for best results fit the collar snugly with no more than 2 fingers width between the puppy's neck and the collar
  • The collar adjusts easily for a secure fit, it should remain on the puppy at all times (except when you are shampooing and grooming)
  • The collar will support your puppy for up to 4 weeks then must be replaced for continued benefits