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Almo Nature

Almo Nature Biorganic Monoprotein Grain-free Wet Dog Food Chicken

Almo Nature Biorganic Monoprotein Grain-free Wet Dog Food Chicken

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Almo Nature is the pet food, produced with natural ingredients, that returns 100% of its profits to cats, dogs and biodiversity through the projects of the Fondazione Capellino.

Almo Nature organic wet dog food grain free - single protein chicken.

  • Complete and balanced, Almo Nature organic wet dog food is single protein and grain free: the best choice for dogs with food intollerances
  • 100% organic ingredients 
  • PETA approved: Not tested on animals

All the benefits of organic food are now available in this new line of complete wet food for your dog, including 4 new grain-free, single protein recipes. 100% of the ingredients of agricultural origin come from organic farming, produced according to strict rules aimed at respecting the environment and animal welfare. BioOrganic is free of GMO (genetically modified organisms), artificial colours or preservatives and ensures that you are feeding your dog a complete diet with natural ingredients.

Dogs drink spontaneously and abundantly. Almo Nature's nutritional advice for optimal nutritional balance is to focus on dry dog food alternating between meat and fish kibble. When combined with a small percentage of wet food, your dogs' sense of smell is stimulated, which makes their meal highly rewarding. Wet food made from quality ingredients suitable for pet food is a useful source of micronutrients for your dog's general well being and in particular when considering physical and climatic conditions.


11 x 150g - Chicken