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Arkwrights Complete Adult Dry Dog Food - Chicken

Arkwrights Complete Adult Dry Dog Food - Chicken

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Feed your active or working dog Arkwrights adult dog food to give them all the protein and nutrients they need for their demanding lifestyle.

What it's for

If your dog has an important job like working as a gun dog, guard dog, racing dog or sheep dog – or just spends all their time running round outside – Arkwright's adult dog food has been designed specially for them.

Just because your dog's always exercising doesn't mean they'll automatically stay at a perfect weight if they don't eat well. It's important for active and working dogs to avoid getting overweight, because extra weight can strain joints and cause serious muscle injuries. Because your dog's putting more strain on their muscles day to day than a less active dog, lots of protein is really important for them to help their muscles repair themselves.

By feeding your working dog the best diet for their needs, you'll help them fight infection, keep their coat healthy, and give them the best chance of staying active as they get older.

  • Specifically designed for working dogs
  • Full of top quality energy and nutrition
  • Lots of protein helps build, mend and maintain muscles
  • Low in fat to help your dog stay at a healthy weight
  • Delicious crunchy bite-size kibble to make dinnertime the highlight of the day
  • Gives all the goodness your dog's immune system needs to fight off infection

How it works

Lots of protein is important for strong muscles, so Arkwrights adult dog food is made with 18% protein from a mixture of sources. This means that your dog's muscles can build and repair themselves, keeping your dog active and able to carry on with their busy lives. For tip-top fitness, your dog also needs to be at a healthy weight, so this food is low in fat to make this as easy as possible.

After a hard day's work, your dog deserves a reward. To make dinner time special, this food comes in crunchy, bite-sized pieces covered in mouth-watering meat juices. Delicious and nutritious, what more could any dog want?


15kg - Chicken