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Autarky Mature Lite Succulent Dry Dog Food - Salmon

Autarky Mature Lite Succulent Dry Dog Food - Salmon

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Autarky Mature Salmon is a wheat gluten and soya free formulation free from artificial preservatives, colours and flavours this is a truly natural approach to feeding you dog. These tasty salmon nuggets contains all of the same wholesome, natural ingredients that we use in all of our Autarky recipes, providing your older dog with optimum levels of vitamins, minerals and nutrients with every bite.

Older dogs can begin to stiffen up a little and start to suffer from mobility problems and that’s why we have also included glucosamine, along with good levels of omega fatty acids, to nutritionally support joint health. The moderate calorie content in this delicious recipe will also help to prevent your older dog from gaining excess weight as he begins to enjoy a slightly slower pace of life!


12kg - Salmon