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Beco Pets Eco-Conscious Puppy Dry Dog Food - Free Range Turkey with Pumpkin & Spinach

Beco Pets Eco-Conscious Puppy Dry Dog Food - Free Range Turkey with Pumpkin & Spinach

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This ethical & sustainable puppy food is made with 100% freshly prepared free-range turkey and is grain free. Instead of grains, we use nutritious vegetables and superfoods. We have added glucosamine, giving extra support for growing joints and bones. All of our ingredients are cooked at low temperatures to lock in maximum goodness and flavour. Better for your puppy, better for the environment.

  • 52% freshly prepared free range turkey, chickpeas, kale and more
  • Our ingredients are traceable, ethically sourced and cooked at 90°C locking in all the goodness!
  • Grain free, gluten free and packed with veg and superfoods so it is gentle on the digestive system
  • Our food is free from artificial preservatives, flavours and colourings
  • We have added extra glucosamine to help support growing bones and joints

Our freshly prepared turkey is high in protein, amino acids and good fats to support your puppy's growth into a howling hound. We added extra glucosamine to support growing joints and bones. This recipe is grain free and is filled with freshly prepared turkey, veggies and superfoods. The small biscuits are perfect for tiny mouths. Beco turkeys live happier lives and your puppy enjoys tastier and more nutritious food. Our turkeys are free to roam as nature intended. They naturally build lean muscle exercising on open green pastures, have access to grubs, wildflowers and natural sunlight. Our free range turkey is lean and packed with vitamin A & D. Our recipes are all cooked at 90 degrees. We use a unique technique called Freshtrusion. It allows us to cook all our natural, fresh and healthy ingredients at low temperatures locking in the goodness. Every vegetable and chunk of meat or fish are baked, then dried at low temperatures. This means that your dog can enjoy all the natural oils, fats, vitamins and flavours that you or I do in our delicious meals.


2kg - Turkey with Pumpkin & Spinach