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Billy + Margot

Billy + Margot Wild Boar + Superfood Blend Dry Dog Food

Billy + Margot Wild Boar + Superfood Blend Dry Dog Food

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Billy + Margot Dry Dog food is high in single animal protein and has a unique blend of superfoods to keep your dog happy and healthy. Packed with nutritious ingredients and delicious flavours, our grain-free dry dog food can be the foundation of your dog's nutrition and, together with water, is all your dog requires for a complete diet. Each ingredient in our dry dog food is specifically chosen for its uniqueness, dynamism and efficacy. A natural canine diet is based on a variety of different meats, which satisfies and nourishes dogs in a way that nothing else can. For this reason, raw or fresh meat is the number one ingredient in all our dry dog food. Within our range you'll find a variety of delicious animal proteins, including salmon, lamb, chicken, wild kangaroo, wild boar, wild venison and duck, as well as several superfoods and fruit and vegetables, including Manuka honey, coconut oil, tumeric, ginger root, kale, spinach, carrots, pumpkin and blueberries. Suitable for adult dogs aged 15 months+. All dogs are individuals and this is a guide only. Daily requirements may vary with breed, age and activity level. We suggest monitoring your dog's weight and adjusting amounts as required.

  • 60% quality protein
  • Superfoods
  • Unique protein

1.8kg - Wild Boar