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Canikur Pro Healthy Bacteria Paste for Dog

Canikur Pro Healthy Bacteria Paste for Dog

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Keep your dog’s digestive system in good working order with Canikur Pro paste – specially formulated to balance gut flora.

What it’s for

Keeping your dog’s gut flora balanced is vital for protecting their immune system, as their stomach is home to 70% of what makes up their natural defences. You can help to prevent serious issues like liver disorders and obesity with a daily dose of stomach-friendly probiotics.

This paste is especially suited to adventurous dogs who tend to end up with an upset stomach after eating something they shouldn't have, or those whose natural defences are compromised after surgery or an allergic reaction. It’ll give them the restorative boost they need to get back on track. Always contact your vet for advice if you’re concerned that your pet has eaten something that could cause them harm.

How it works

Canikur Pro contains a combination of special probiotics that work together to multiply all the friendly bacteria that live in your dog’s gut. It’s got a secret ingredient too: montmorillonite, a super absorbent clay, which works to bind and eradicate toxins in the digestive system to keep your dog’s stomach happy.

Canikur's unique BioMos-C protects the stomach from harmful bacteria by acting as a food for the friendly kind that your dog needs. This delicious paste has a tempting meaty flavour that will encourage your dog to lick it straight from the syringe. If they're a little fussy, try mixing it in with their dinner.

  • Tempting meaty flavour
  • Gives the immune system a boost
  • Supports digestive health
  • Packed with probiotics to encourage gut bacteria
  • Montmorillonite clay eradicates toxins
  • Contains canikur's exclusive biomos-c to fight pathogens