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Catit 2.0 Multi Feeder

Catit 2.0 Multi Feeder

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The Catit 2.0 Multi Feeder combines storage space with a bowl for wet food and a paw pit for dry food. Its simple, compact design takes up little floor space and enables you to serve a day's worth of food at once.

The paw pit at the center stimulates natural self-controlled feeding which helps prevent binge eating. You can also use the Catit 2.0 Multi Feeder as a 9 to 5 feeder by serving wet food in the bowl to be eaten fresh and adding kibble to the paw pit for little snacks throughout the day. The inner compartment provides plenty of storage space for quick and easy refills and and increases stability when filled.

  • Stimulates natural self-controlled feeding and helps prevent binge eating
  • Whisker stress-free eating surface
  • Inner storage space for quick and easy refills
  • Ergonomic design
  • Easy to clean
  • 3 functions in 1: bowl, a way of encouraging slower eating using the paw hole and a storage container

18.9cm x 18.9cm x 12.3cm