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Catsan Hygiene Plus Non Clumping Smart Pack Cat Litter

Catsan Hygiene Plus Non Clumping Smart Pack Cat Litter

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Catsan Smart Pack is the only inlay pack for your cat's litter tray consisting of a super absorbent liner sitting beneath a layer of Catsan Hygiene Plus cat litter. There are two inlays in a pack which is as efficient as 30 litres of conventional non-clumping cat litter. Thanks to the cat litter tray liners, liquids are absorbed and locked in quickly, stopping bad odours before they can develop. Catsan Smart Pack inlays are suitable for domestic cat litter trays. Catsan Smart Pack cat litter is totally dust free, and is suitable for indoor adult cats and kittens.

Catsan Smart Pack doesn't mask bad odours - it stops them even forming. The liner absorbs and safely locks in liquid, keeping the litter noticeably dryer for longer and improving odour control, Catsan Smart Pack is the ultimate in convenience and hygiene - the first pre-filled hygienic cat litter for your cat toilet. Efficient and simple to use, this non-clumping litter is an easy choice, This odour control cat litter is a unique combination of Catsan Hygiene natural cat litter with a superabsorbent liner, providing improved hygiene with high absorbency and odour control, Catsan Smart Pack contains a natural non-clumping cat litter and a liner, keeping the toilet tray hygienically clean, so no need to clean before inserting the new pack - convenient and hygienic, Catsan Smart Pack fits most cat litter trays up to 45 x 55cm. The flexible draw string allows you to tie the used pack closed for easy disposal. Choose Catsan Smart Pack for a clean, hygienic cat litter.

  • Catsan Smart Pack inlay for domestic cat litter tray
  • Catsan Smart Pack cat litter is totally dust free
  • Cat litter is suitable for adult indoor, cats and kittens
  • Cat litter with ready to use absorbent liner

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