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Earthbound Traditional Tweed & Waterproof Dog Bed Beige

Earthbound Traditional Tweed & Waterproof Dog Bed Beige

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The Traditional Tweed bed has a luxurious look with a heavy duty polyester waterproof base. The outside fabric is tweed and the inside is heavy duty waterproof polyester. The Inner cushion is removable and reversible. One side is tweed and one side is heavy duty waterproof polyester. The Classic Bed range stand out from the market as they use thermal bonded Polyester Staple Fibre within the walls of the bed made from the highest quality of synthetic raw materials. This makes the walls not only very comfortable but very strong and rigid to prevent them from collapsing and protecting your pet from any draft.

The inner cushions are generously filled with the same hollow fibre you will find in the vast majority of cushions on the market for human use ensuring your pet benefits from the same comfort you enjoy through the night. The beds are produced using our onsite machines giving them special attributes such as resistance to stretching or shrinking whilst ensuring they retain their strength from the fibre. The fibre also dries quickly whilst remaining crisp and strong afterwards making it suitable for washing at 30 degrees Celsius (Check washing instructions for each item).