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Edgard & Cooper

Edgard & Cooper Apple & Eucalyptus Large Doggy Dental Treat

Edgard & Cooper Apple & Eucalyptus Large Doggy Dental Treat

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Our dental sticks help your dog have a clean mouth, fresh breath and strong teeth. Because the sticks are air-dried, it takes ages to chew through them. They're made from plant-based, low-calorie ingredients - like tasty apples and breath-freshening eucalyptus oil. Give your dog one stick a day for an effective cleaning routine. We use biodegradable materials to make our packaging and donate 1% of our revenue to charities that help care for the dogs we can't. Finally, a stick to smile about!

  • Extra long chew time
  • Low in calories
  • Powered by nature
  • Pack of 7 for Large Dogs
  • Apple & Eucalyptus flavoured
  • A Clean Chew: air-dried hard for a long-lasting & effective chew
  • Fresh taste: mint and eucalyptus oil help freshen breath
  • Strong Teeth: calcium helps maintain healthy teeth
  • A lighter stick: our carefully designed tube-shaped stick gives a more effective clean for fewer calories
  • Vegan - powered by nature: made from healthy plant-based ingredients that are naturally low-calorie (87 kcals per stick!)

We recommend a stick a day because maintenance is key for a healthy mouth and a happy dog.


7 sticks