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Encore Adult Wet Cat Food - Fish Selection in Jelly

Encore Adult Wet Cat Food - Fish Selection in Jelly

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At Encore we believe that meal times should be a highlight of the day for all the family pets included! That’s why we have created a range of exciting recipes that will have your four legged friends racing you to the bowl! Every pouch, tin and pot is made with Natural Ingredients and more Real Meat. Your pet will love what’s inside Encore. We pride ourselves on the quality of our Ingredients that your pet will love. It doesn’t matter which of our fish selection tins you serve first your cat will love them all. Lovingly made with 100% natural ingredients and 75% real meat, each serving provides a great source of natural taurine to keep your cat healthy and happy.

  • Made with natural ingredients
  • More real Meat
  • No unnecessary cereals or fillers or preservatives
  • 100% Natural ingredients - Ingredients that your pet will love
  • 75% Meat - More real meat and no unnecessary cereals, fillers or preservatives
  • Natural source of omega 3 - Helping to nourish your cats skin and coat
  • Complementary pet food - Feed with any dry food for a complete and balanced diet

12 x 70g - Fish Selection in Jelly