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Eukanuba Daily Care Sensitive Skin Adult +1 Dry Dog Food

Eukanuba Daily Care Sensitive Skin Adult +1 Dry Dog Food

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Help your dog look and feel good with Eukanuba Daily Care Sensitive Skin, a complete hypoallergenic mix designed for sensitive dogs.

If you've noticed your dog is scratching more than normal, or has inflamed paw pads or red patches on their skin, it might be a sign their current kibble is causing a reaction. Daily Care Sensitive Skin is designed to combat skin problems and help your dog feel great again. Free from a range of common skin triggers and packed with protein-rich fish, this food is fully of fatty oils to help your dog regrow their coat and heal their itchy skin. Check the pack for help with portion sizing, and help your dog adjust to their new food by introducing it over the course of a week. Don’t forget, it's always best to speak to your vet about any concerns.

Eukanuba Daily Care Sensitive Skin avoids lots of common allergy triggers in its recipe, helping to reduce itchiness in sensitive dogs with certain allergies. It's packed with yummy fish for lots of quality protein to help them repair their skin barrier, and includes omega-3 and -6 fatty acids to help soothe inflamed skin or patches your dog has been scratching. These fatty acids also encourage healthy hair to grow, and they work well with the nourishing Vitamin E so your dog will be back to their old self in no time.

  • Recommended for pets with sensitive skin
  • Free from a range of common triggers
  • Yummy fish base for muscle-building protein
  • Contains fatty acids for a healthy skin barrier and shiny coat
  • Free from common allergens and dietary triggers
  • Packed with antioxidants to boost your dog’s natural defences

2.3kg, 12kg