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Feliway Optimum Starter Kit Plug-In Refill Diffuser

Feliway Optimum Starter Kit Plug-In Refill Diffuser

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Feliway Optimum is Brand New to the Feliway range and now calms cats better than ever in more situations for enhanced serenity. It contains a new feline pheromone discovery that conveys even more impactful messages to your cat which helps them cope with anything they find stressful.
  • Feliway Optimum contains the most advanced Feline Pheromones Complex, developed by the Feliway research team
  • Feliway Optimum has a 9.1/10 Cat owner satisfaction
  • Proven to help cats cope with stress related behaviours

Feliway Optimum helps cats with more signs of stress including:

  • Scratching
  • Urine Spraying
  • Tensions & Conflicts
  • Environmental changes (e..g moving home, new baby)
  • Fears & anxieties