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Felix As Good As It Looks 7+ Meat Cat Food

Felix As Good As It Looks 7+ Meat Cat Food

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Specifically designed for cats of age 7+ with the right combination of proteins, balanced minerals and vitamins, including antioxidants As cats gets older, their nutritional needs will change, but it's still important to provide them with delicious food that they can enjoy! That's why our felix as good as It Looks Senior Cat Meat Selection in Jelly is ideal for meat-loving senior cats as it's packed with delicious flavours and mouth-watering textures. In this variety pack your cat can choose from beef, turkey, chicken or lamb to satisfy their appetite. Our recipes are carefully cooked with meaty pieces in a smooth, rich jelly to really tempt the taste buds! Our dishes don't just taste great, they also provide key nutrients and essential vitamins that will ensure your cat maintains a healthy and active life into their senior years.

  • Ideal dishes to meet the needs of senior cats
  • Delicious flavours including beef, chicken, turkey and lamb
  • With added minerals and vitamins to keep your cat healthy
  • Packaged in individual pouches to make mealtimes even easier

12 x 100g - Meat selection in Jelly