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Felix Snack Box Adult Dry Cat Treat

Felix Snack Box Adult Dry Cat Treat

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Felix® Goody Bag cat treats are a colourful, irresistible combination of meaty treats that are full of enticing aromas and fun shapes that we're sure your cat will love. felix® Crispies treats for cats are deliciously air-whipped for a light and crispy texture. Our tasty cat treats are the perfect way to surprise your feline friend with a combination of flavours. felix® Play Tubes are a tasty occasion to share a daily moment of bonding and fun together! Irresistibly playful thanks to their unique rolling shape, dual flavours, different sizes and tastiness of felix® treats that your cat knows and loves.


  • Flavoured with chicken, liver and turkey.
  • Flavoured with salmon, pollock and trout.
  • Flavoured with beef, chicken and salmon.
  • Flavoured with chicken, cheese and turkey.
  • Flavoured with milk, yogurt and cheese.
  • Flavoured with cheddar, goudar and edamer.
  • Flavoured with salmon and trout.
  • Flavoured with beef and chicken.

A selection of tasty cat treats inside every box 14 pack. Share more mischievous moments together with the Felix Snack Box 3 tasty varieties to choose from - Felix Goody Bag, Felix Crispies & Felix Play Tubes.