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Forthglade Cold Pressed No Grain Chicken & Veg

Forthglade Cold Pressed No Grain Chicken & Veg

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This Grain free complete dry cold pressed food its suitable for dogs 2months +. Cold pressing is a natural way to preserve nutrients that are essential for growth, digestion and good health. We put a carefully balanced blend of natural ingredients into our special press. This gently squeezes everything together at low temperatures to seal in the goodness. The result is bite-sized pieces with all the flavour, aroma and nutrients of the ingredients locked in. To aid your dogs digestion some of our ingredients are thermally pre-treated prior to cold pressing.

Our Complete Cold pressed recipes can be served on its own or mix with a good quality wet food. If mixing, adjust the amounts accordingly. Dogs' tummies can be sensitive to change, so introduce cold pressed gradually over two weeks, starting with a 50/50 mix with the current food and slowly increasing the ratio of cold pressed. For puppies it is advisable to soak the pellets for 10 minutes in warm water to make them easier to eat, plus it will also help bring out the taste.


6kg - Chicken & Veg, 2kg - Chicken & Potato