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Forthglade Grain-free Adult Chicken Liver Sweet Potato & Veg Wet Dog Food

Forthglade Grain-free Adult Chicken Liver Sweet Potato & Veg Wet Dog Food

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A nutritionally complete 100% natural grain free wet dog food. The meal has a high meat content and is cooked slow to retain the maximum goodness. This can be fed on it's own, simply added to a quality mixer biscuit or used as a tasty topper with dry food. Grain free. 75% Chicken with Liver. 100% natural. Nutritionally balanced - chicken is a great source of protein that is easy to digest and highly palatable. Chicken liver is nutrient dense providing essential health promoting vitamins and minerals. Vegetables - a brilliant source of essential vitamins, minerals, fibre and natural antioxidants. The minerals are chelated to help improve nutrient absorption and prebiotics to help support an increase in ‘good’ gut bacteria. Botanicals - natural herbs to help aid the body’s natural defences. Includes omega 3 - increased levels of omega 3 fatty acids to help support immunity and encourage a healthy skin and coat. Gently steamed - we add a little water to help cook everything slowly and at a low temperature to retain all the natural goodness. Great for dogs with sensitive tummies.

  • 100% Natural Ingredients 
  • No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives 
  • No animal derivatives 
  • No sugars 
  • Wheat Free 
  • Added botanicals
  • Added minerals & Vitamins
  • High Meat content (75%)
  • Made in Devon

18 x 395g - Chicken Liver, Sweet Potato & Veg