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Fruitables Bioactive Fresh Mouth Dental Chew for Tiny Dog

Fruitables Bioactive Fresh Mouth Dental Chew for Tiny Dog

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Fruitables Bioactive Fresh Mouth Tiny Dental Chews Dog Treats let you brush up on your pups dental health the easy way, with no harsh brushing or stress. This functional treat includes decaffeinated green tea and parsley to fight bad breath, organic Icelandic kelp for phytonutrients and calcium to keep teeth strong. 

Supports Clean teeth and fresh breath.

Bioactive fresh mouth dental chews are a firm yet soft chew that will male sure his pearly whites will be cleaned from tip to gum line with a texture designed to scrub and polish because it allows the full length of the tooth to sink into the chew. The tummy friendly recipe is full of natural fibre, highly digestible sweet potatoes and is gluten and grain free. Mini size treats are perfect for tiny dogs that weigh less than 15 pounds.