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Gelert Country Choice Maintenance Puppy Dry Dog Food

Gelert Country Choice Maintenance Puppy Dry Dog Food

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A complete and Balanced puppy food for working or sporting dogs made using a hypo-allergenic formula without added Wheat, Beef, Pork or Dairy. We make our premium foods using small batch techniques. We source local ingredients of the highest quality. We make all our foods to ensure uncompromising food safety. We provide nutritional foods that may help support health and wellbeing. We 100% guarantee our food to be fresh, wholesome and safe.

  • Chicken - A delicious source of highly digestible protein
  • Rice - An easily digestible carbohydrate
  • Flaxseed Oil - Helps to maintain a healthy skin and coat
  • Prebiotic MOS - Helps to promote a healthy gut
  • Cranberries - To help support a healthy urinary tract
  • Yucca Extract - Reduces odours and flatulence
  • Calcium & Phosphorus - Helps support safe bone & joint growth
  • Vitamin D - Promotes strong teeth and bones

12kg - Chicken