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Halti Optifit

Halti Optifit

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The Halti Optifit Headcollar's unique design stops dogs from pulling by gently directing the dog's head so that the body has to follow, steering him into desired positions just like a horse. Designed to give dogs an optimum fit whatever their face shape, with a self-adjusting chin strap that follows the contours of a dog's face. Halti Optifit is a specialist training program which guarantees to stop your dog from pulling. The pack includes a Halti Optifit head collar, comprehensive training DVD, booklet and a Halti safety link. Time should be taken when accustoming a dog to the Halti Optifit, in order to create a positive association with it. Initially, place the nose-band flat in your hand and feed your dog treats, so that he learns to happily put his nose through it. Once your dog is used to the nose-band, you can secure the neck section so that it is snug, but not too tight.

To ensure that your dog cannot pull the nose-band back over his nose, slide the camlock towards the chin and lock. It is important that the camlock is not so high that it restricts the ability for your dog to pant, eat or open it's mouth. When first using the Halti Optifit, ensure that you continually praise and reward your dog with treats to help distract him and ensure that it is a rewarding experience.

  • Optimum Fit: Flexible cheek straps adjust to fit the dog's face shape. Works even for shorter nosed breeds, such as boxers
  • Comfort and Freedom: Padded nose strap for supreme comfort and durability
  • Highly visible: Reflective cheek straps
  • Secure Fit: Sliding camlock allows for customised fitting
  • Safety Clip: Safety clip connects to the dog's collar for extra security