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Kokoba Non Pull Muzzle for Dog

Kokoba Non Pull Muzzle for Dog

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Does your dog pull on the lead? Try the Kokoba non-pull muzzle for dogs and teach them to walk comfortably and safely by your side. 

What it’s for 

This head collar stops your dog pulling on walks and helps you to point them in the right direction and teach them to walk to heel without using any force. That way, you’ll both get to the park on time. Training treats help your dog walk safely by your side too. Slip your pet one if they’re walking well and they’ll soon get the idea. You’ll find more training tips in the product manual. 

Pair the muzzle with a sturdy lead such as the Ancol reflective rope lead to help keep your dog safe and secure. 

Key benefits 

  • head collar to train your dog to walk at your pace
  • closes your dog’s jaw if they pull on the lead
  • loosens again when they slow to your speed
  • helps you steer your dog
  • force-free, with no pressure put on neck
  • padded noseband fits comfortable over muzzle
  • safety strap prevents muzzle slipping over throat or eyes
  • available in three sizes and adjustable

How it works 

This head collar slips easily over your dog’s head, with a padded noseband that goes over the muzzle, away from their eyes and throat and held in place by a safety strap. Once you choose from three sizes, you can adjust the strap to fit comfortably. If your dog pulls ahead of you, the noseband tightens, closing their jaw. As they slow down to your walking pace, the noseband loosens again. That way, they’ll learn that it’s a good idea to walk safely by your side. 


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