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KONG Easy Treat Peanut Butter Dog Treat

KONG Easy Treat Peanut Butter Dog Treat

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Made in the USA, Kong Easy Treat Is a Tasty Treat That All Dogs Love. Designed With a Unique Nozzle to Dispense, Easy Treat Is Perfect for Lining the Inside of a Kong to Create a Delicious Challenge for Your Pet.

Kong Peanut Butter Easy Treat Is a Delicious Treat That Delights All Types of Dogs While Providing an Easy No-mess Solution for Pet Parents. Made in the Usa, This Highly-digestible and Trans-fat Free Treat Is an Enticingly Delicious Addition When Added to a Stuffed Kong. A Uniquely Designed Nozzle Easily Controls the Amount of Kong Easy Treat™ While Also Having the Added Benefit of a Convenient, No Mess Stuffing Solution. Want to Make Your Stuffed Kong Last Longer? Freeze a Stuffed Kong, Topped With Kong Peanut Butter Easy Treat for a Longer-lasting, Mind Occupying Challenge. No Refrigeration Required.

Apply Using the Nozzle.

  • Irresistible and delicious peanut butter flavor to engage and delight dogs
  • Easy to dispense as a convenient no mess stuffing solution
  • Great for stuffing into kong classic and rubber toys for extended play
  • Made in the usa

226g - Peanut